Quickly Streamline Mortgage Process & Reduce Loan Processing Costs

Avantha Business Solutions focuses on mortgage processing solutions that assist brokers, bankers and lenders in streamlining their business processes which reduce processing costs and turn around time. A combination of our global delivery model, mortgage domain expertise, US market knowledge and customer focus provides the clients with superior service and reduction in staffing.

Experienced Staff fulfill Demand of Loan Underwriting & Document Indexing


Avantha leverages specialist domain knowledge, best-in-class practices and systematic process-improvement to deliver Mortgage Solutions to client needs in Business Process Transformations and Consultative Solutions by providing the following services :

Loan Opening:

  • Full loan processing activities from receipt of digital loan package (e.g., package review, data entry, etc) to generating disclosures
  • Order Title, Appraisal, Flood, VOE & VOR
  • Prepare loan for submission to underwriting
  • Post-underwriting activities to prepare the loan for closing (e.g., notifications, flood certificate/insurance, conditions review & clearing).

Mortgage Loan Processing

Mortgage Capabilities

  • Review loan documents and Data Integrity in preparation for loan closing
  • Checklist based approach to ensure all aspects are captured
  • Review & clear any issues prior-to-closing and prior-to-doc conditions
  • Data entry/validation of fees and impounds

Detailed review and analysis of the broker packages to award or decline the approval to the broker

Stacking and filing various loan documents received in the credit package and the post-closing package

  • EPD investigation provides the necessary technical expertise and assessment capability
  • Report discoveries. findings and significant rating with exceptions, false statements, program abuses and/or potential fraud.
  • Recommend actions to handle discoveries
  • Trailing Document Retrieval
  • Data Integrity Audit
  • Mortgage Quality Control Audit
  • Tax , Insurance & Reserves Audit

Title and Settlement Capabilities

Title Search and Examination

Our capabilities allow us to conduct online Title Searches to determine the potential risk in the transaction. Our team of qualified full-time processors have extensive experience in conducting online title Searches.

Title Commitment

After we receive the results of the Title search, we examine the title for any issues or problems and prepare the title commitment detailing the items that are required before closing. We provide the lender with information, including requirements and exceptions which will later be used to issue a Title Insurance Policy.

Ordering Payoffs

Our team of processors manage the entire payoff process from ordering the payoffs and continuous follow-up to the time the payoff statement is received with appropriate ‘good thru’ date.

Tax Searches/ Tax Cert

Through our contact center, our trained team calls up various County offices to collect Real Estate Tax information and update in the application.

Final Title Policy Creation

After the closing is done, our final policy department will issue a title insurance policy.  This policy sets out the new ownership, if any, and incorporates all other changes which took place up to the date of closing.

Discharge Tracking

Our Front end Office based out of U.S will record a properly executed mortgage discharge on your behalf, keeping you apprised of the progress every step of the way.  The original, recorded discharge will be returned to you for your file.  A permanent record of the transaction will be retained in our database for easy future reference.

Title Plant Posting / Indexing

ABS provides Title Plant indexing for Title Companies enabling them  to increase the value of their title plants, provide a better tool for their abstracting and examination staff and generate additional revenue.

Preparing HUD1 Settlement Statement

We prepare the HUD1 settlement statement which provides a breakdown of all monies coming in and being disbursed at settlement or on disbursement date. We prepare the final settlement package and correspond with the lender or broker.

Title Clearance

Our Clearing department will assist you with obtaining written mortgage payoff letters, judgment payoffs, lien payoffs, etc.