About ATL

Avantha Technologies Limited is a niche business process solution provider for global clients in diverse vertical and horizontal streams such as healthcare, pharmaceutical & life sciences, financial services, human resource, and knowledge process outsourcing. Avantha has an unmatched ability to grow its client’s businesses by innovating to improve client’s back-office processes, while significantly reducing the costs.

Advantage Avantha

Avantha’s focus on business process outsourcing services combines with its advanced technical & process expertise to deliver long term customer centric benefits.

Economic Benefits

The client’s capital expenditure for skilled employees, hardware and software is reduced, as is the responsibility for the infrastructure. This frees up significant time & money and enables the client to redeploy highly skilled resources.


The BPO vendor partner relationship exponentially improves the customer responsiveness and processes. This allows our clients to quickly expand their services in a short span of time.

Because partner BPO eliminates involvement by third parties that often have competing agendas and limited staff, process enhancement can be released implemented quickly.


A highly trained world force and specialized resources in customer management and financial administration reduces turnaround time, increase accuracy and improves the client’s customer services. As service volumes change, staffing can be easily scaled up or down accordingly.

Business Expansion

Cost saving generated through the use of specialist BPO services redeployed by the client to acquire new customers, grow existing business and increase their client customer service capabilities.

Improved services and their ability to focus on sales, marketing and nurturing customer relationship create a responsive business model that supports long-term-growth.



Harness knowledge capital and use cutting edge technology to deliver solutions that constantly exceed global standards.



To become an industry leader through continuous commitment to best in class standards of performance and productivity, team work, innovation and a willingness to embrace new ideas thereby creating customer delight and stakeholder wealth.



A young and vibrant global organization that leverages its knowledge heritage while empowering its people to create an environment of passion and change.